About Superunie

Working together as a group has made us stronger. It is in our DNA and it started in 1956. The Buying association for Selfservice companies grew over 60 years into the Superunie of today. A union of thirteen independent supermarket organisations.

“Superunie ensures competitive purchasing for her members on the basis of competitive purchasing conditions and a good negotiation position with suppliers, which is a precondition for the success of our companies.”

Piet Smit – Managing Director Poiesz Supermarkten BV

Day to day

It is a frequently asked question: what is on the menu today? At Superunie, more than 100 professionals are asking that same question every day. The products which we buy are sold in over 1.600 shops in the country. The Dutch will often do their shopping at one of our members. Together the 13 Superunie members hold a market share of almost 30 percent.

Our members are often individual market leaders in their own area and fully capable of competing with the bigger supermarket chains. They are “local heroes” who show commitment to, and have a large impact on, the local community . They “brighten up” the Supermarket landscape and give the consumer options to choose from.

If they had to buy the products themselves they would not have enough individual volume and buying power. That is why Superunie stacks the volume of the members and buys this combined volume against the best price and quality possible. By doing so the members can focus on the daily consumer.


Just open any fridge or kitchen cupboard and you will find Private Label products from the Superunie portfolio.

And if you are waiting in line at the cash register have a look around and see how many products you come across. Whether it is a big A-brand product like Calvé or Douwe Egberts, or a Private Label product for example g’woon, Melkan or First Choice Cola.

We do not just deal with the purchase of the products  alone. We also supply other services which are of great value to our members and to which you can contribute. For example, Supply Chain planners handle the efficient logistical flow of goods. Brand Managers give the Private Label packaging designs a contemporary and consistent look.

Our Quality Specialists are responsible for the intrinsic quality and the food safety of the Private Label products  which we buy from all over the world.

Thinking of joining us? Contact us or have a look at our vacancies.