Our brands

Superunie provides her members with a complete range of Private Label products, ranging from frozen vegetables to fruit juices, baking mixes and washing-up liquid. You will find these products in shops with these labels: g’woon, 1 de Beste or Plus.

In addition to these umbrella brands, there are other brands that focus specifically on a particular category. For example, you will find everything you need for your baby or toddler with our brand Bonbébé. On the dairy shelf, you will come across our brand Melkan.

Below, you can read more about a number of our brands, or click through to the brand-specific pages.


G’woon offers a wide range of products that are of the best quality, and suitable for daily use. Our promise is that g’woon products are good, for good prices. We have products that you use on a daily basis and are often on your shopping list. From bake-off rolls to kitchen paper, coffee and olive oil.


Bonbébé understands that you want the best for your child. That’s why Bonbébé ensures high-quality products that help you, as a parent, focus on being with your child in the most relaxed way possible. That includes eating together, but also playing together, acting silly together, telling stories, and having lots more fun.


Every month a new edition of Boodschappen magazine is ready for you at your local supermarket. Filled with delicious recipes and useful tips for in the kitchen. Completely free! Whether you’re looking for a simple recipe or want to cook a special weekend-meal for your family, you will find it in Boodschappen. For more inspiration, you can also check out our website featuring 6000 recipes, or visit one of our social media channels.

First Choice Cola

Let First Choice Cola convince you of its great taste – just one sip will be enough. The First Choice Cola range features Regular, Light and Zero. Available in bottles and cans.


Melkan: tasty dairy products made with love and pleasure. This is something you can taste, not only in the milk but also in the butter, cheese, yoghurt, cottage cheese, and desserts that make you happy every day. We think conscious enjoyment is important and like to do that in the most sustainable way possible. That’s why we are proud of the “On the way to Planet Proof” quality mark which is visible on a large amount of our product range.


Bio+ products are always organic. Organic products are good for the environment, animal welfare and for you. Our farmers do not (or hardly) use artificial or chemical pesticides. Nature can have her way for the most part, and animals get the peace and space they need. To us, it’s only natural!

Sum & Sam

Tasty and easy, with real Oriental flavours. We, Sum & Sam, believe that everyone can cook Oriental cuisine. In your own way, with a little help from us. We provide the best products and useful tips.