Superunie has been making purchasing agreements with suppliers since 1956. Superunie buys complete product ranges, from A-Brands to Private Label, fresh products and fruit and vegetables. Superunie’s centralised purchasing position makes the members strong. This helps them focus on their own member specific tasks.



Strategic Procurement

Next Generation Sourcing
Having products available with an excellent price/quality ratio in a dynamically changing world is crucial. Sustainability and innovation are ingrained in our DNA, and we strive to be the driving force with our suppliers. By collaborating effectively and efficiently with our suppliers, we aim to create long-term shared value. Our starting point is from a total cost of ownership perspective, mapping out the entire chain and endeavoring to keep the chain as short as possible. We serve a range of different formulas, making the Dutch retail landscape diverse. As a result, we are attractive to many suppliers.

Said Belhassan, CPO Superunie