Electronic Data Interchange

EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange. EDI integrates communication technology and specific software which allows companies to exchange critical data of a commercial, logistical or fiscal nature in a transparent way. Thanks to this model for data exchange it is possible to integrate the internal systems belonging to various partners with a commercial relationship, and to automate the registration and control of important commercial transactions. We believe it is important that payments run smoothly and on time, which is why we work with EDI.

You can download the EDI documentation on this page.
You will also find Superunie’s technical data and error descriptions in the EDI procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why have my invoices not been paid on time?
Invoices are always paid based on the Superunie payment system. More information about the Superunie payment system can be found in the conditional letter. You can also contact your buyer at Superunie.

Why has Superunie not received my EDI messages?
EDI messages need to be sent to the EDI environment of Superunie. The invoice messages can also be rejected due to syntax errors. For more information, check the EDI Procedure.

Why have my EDI invoices been rejected?
EDI invoices can be rejected for several different reasons. A summary of all the error codes can be found in the document EDI Procedure.

Which different types of invoices does Superunie settle?
A summary of the different kind of invoices, which are settled by Superunie and at the request of her members, can be found in the document EDI Extensive Manual.

How do I change my company details or account number?
In order to change the details in our system, we need to receive your request on official letterhead, signed and stamped by the company.
The letter can be sent to the following address: C.I.V. Superunie B.A. , P.O. Box 80, 4153 ZH, Beesd, The Netherlands.

Why have invoices older than 365 days not been paid?
For invoices older than 365 days, Superunie needs to receive a stamped and signed copy of the invoice from the member. Suppliers are responsible to contact the members about invoices, which are older than 365 days. You can send the signed and stamped invoice to the Superunie finance department.

Any further questions?
You can contact us by email: administratie@superunie.nl or by telephone: (31)345-686 666.